Sunday, July 26, 2009

I should not sacrifice the present for the phantom of the future.

I should not sacrifice the present for the phantom of the future-It is kinda fitting I think. How often do we get stuck in the what ifs? Way too often.

I was day dreaming that I had a cabin again. Ha! I do not own a home, but somehow the idea of spending $60K on a cabin doesn't seem illogical to me. No idea why, but it seems normal. I can justify it a million different ways. 1. It will just be a few hundred dollars a month 2. My whole family could use it and help clean it up 3. I could have my friends up there all the time for TT. etc etc.

Maybe it just seems much more doable to me, since I will not be able to buy a house on my own until I win the lotto. :) Maybe it is appealing, cuz it would be a place where I could sit out in the open and not hear a firetruck or a dog bark. I could wander through from shower to bedroom without a robe and it would be fine, cuz no one would be there to peer into the windows. hahaha.

I think I may have spent too much time in the North Woods to want that kind of solitude. I have thought many times about buying some land and just camp on it until I make enough to build a little place. Cheaper to buy the land and build from scratch. I already have an idea of what I would like it to look like. Very simple and made out of cement blocks and tin roof.

I am sure that I will be dreaming about cabins and shopping thrift stores for the fun stuff to go inside tonight!