Saturday, November 19, 2011

35 Years n this Earth

Tomorrow is my 35th birthday! Can you believe it?! I can still remember thinking 20 was old. ha! What a little perspective can do for you. :) Nothing big and exciting to report on the home front. Just a lot of lounging with Teeny Weeny and trying to keep warm. Which brings me to a newish idea that I am bouncing around. Moving to someplace that is not ungodly cold in the Winter! I have thought of a few places. Here is some brainstorming. Savannah, GA-Warm, easy to get home, easier for visitors. Brisbane, Australia-Warm, laid back way of life, but harder to get home and have visitors Southern Europe-Warmer than here, easy travel for me and others, closer to so much. There are many, many ideas, and I really need to stop watching House Hunters International. It gives me too many ideas and makes me want to go so bad. In order for any ideas to become reality, I have a lot of work to do. Lots of money to save.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's 2011, and things are going to be AWESOME this year! Going to make some changes and they will all be good. No big resolutions, but some things for the better. A couple little changes to diet, activity and location. Hoping to get some big changes in motion, but going to start small.

Currently looking for an apartment and that is the one big change. Lots of options, but don't want to get into too much trouble getting a place that costs too much, is a icky neighborhood, not what I really want. Taking my time, so that I can find just the right place. It's going to be hard to find space where I can work on my projects and in a close neighborhood that I really like.

Here's to hoping a good place and making good changes. :)