Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have had enough.

For the past few years my out of town "best friend" has been incredibly rude and really not much of a real friend. Not responsive. Generally late when she is supposed to meet up with me and other MN friends. Last year she was a half hour late to meet me for the hour she had, and then she got pissed, when I called her on it. This year she didn't bother to let me know, and I saw a post from a friend that she was out with. I am done. When she first moved away, she was glad to be home and meet up, but more and more I got the feeling that she is too good for me. When I have gone out to see her, I got the attitude that I was a waste of her time and not really welcome for a majority of the trip. I have made myself available to her, when she needed someone to talk to, when she didn't have friends out there, to offer her assistance when she was having a rough time. But have gotten guff, when I needed her to do the same for me.

This was just the last slap I needed today. I had already been feeling like I do not fit in and lonely.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Nothing motivates like a 5 year old & a measuring tape.

Yep. That's right. Megan found a tape measure and we HAD to measure all my body parts today. Yuck! I know I am a chubby little lady, but that was more of an eye opener than I was ready for on Christmas. It's that time of year, when I come up with a new game plan for the new year and try to motivate myself in so many ways.

Game plan,Rules and such:
1. Eating better. One can of pop a day. Pack my lunch like a good kid. No snacks/sweet beverage after 8pm. No fried food.
2. Exercise. Get off my butt
3. Pay off bills. Save money. Don't buy useless stuff.

That's what I have for now!