Friday, May 30, 2008

NKOTB-That's right I said it.

So earlier, I saw the commercial for the NKOTB concert coming this fall; I decided I am so there. I ran over to Best Buy to pick up a CD. Now given that I had every New Kids album on on tape-that's right, Ladies and Gentlemen, tape-but they only had the greatest hits, so I couldn't get all of them at ones. Well, I guess that is good, since I have to save my money for the ticket. Maybe I need to ransack my storage unit for the tapes. Maybe find a NKOTB t-shirt somewhere. Who's with me?!

As I go to the counter, I have two options of cashiers. Both were 16 meaning that they were not old enough to know them. This theory was proven, when she said she had never heard of this "band". Um, yeah. This HUGELY popular group from before you were a thought in your daddy's perverted little mind!

In the parking lot, I popped in the greatest hits of the loves of my life in my teenage years. Ha! As each song came on, more memories came flooding back. And a million questions.

Where the hell is Sarah Zupfer? We used to spend all our time together. Wondering around the streets in our jean jackets with the pockets sewn so they will hold our walkmans. That we would try to start at the same time, so we would be synced up. Sharing our Big Bop magazines, so I could have the Jordan Knight posters and she could have the Joey McIntyre ones.

The music itself. Why did Jordan sing everything like that? Is this where I developed my affection for overly girly men? Why was everything done on synthesizer? Why did the second Walhberg rap after hearing his big brother attempt it?

Where is the man who will sing things like Baby, I Believe in You? I am going to take a note from my roommie in college and have a very cheesy song for my bridesmaids to walk down to. It may not be as good as her choice of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, but I know everyone will be singing along with the me. Maybe not pounding their chests with all the emotions.

You absolutely not be angry at the guy going 45 in his Honda cuz the road is wet, when you are singing The Right Stuff!

So many memories that just came rushing back. Made me wonder where that sweet young life went. So much life has happened since then. So many adventures. And practically half my life.

Off to live another 15 years plus years without them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great and Powerful Teeny Weeny

It is incredibly difficult to type with the great and powerful Teeny Weeny in my lap. She feels the need to prop herself up on my arm at all points of the day.

Perhaps I should back track. Last Tuesday, my mom called me at work all frantic about the fact that I needed to get this wiener dog. Mini-dachhund to be precise. And since I have been in love with the idea of having one for...hmmmm...a majority of my life, I went with it. I snagged Bekah on my way out to Shakopee, scooped up my mom, and off to doggie heaven we went. Aka Warren and Deb's house. (Warren just happens to be my dad's best friend.) 30 minutes later, I had a spazzing bundle of energy flopping in my parents front yard.

So now it is all about the puppy. She is a full 8 weeks 5 days old, and every bit the boss lady. Testing me to see how much she will get away with and already spoiled rotten.

Sleeps in her little bed on the corner of the bed. So what she is a baby, but she must be touching me through the whole night, which usually leads to sleeping on my head by morning. This is truly uncomfortable, since I can't move in fear of squashing her. I don't like sleeping with animals, but she is fresh from the litter, and I would be okay with her staying on her bed, but she is a stubborn little mule.

Barking at me to play with her at all time. My butt is numb from sitting on the floor most of time.
Bossing me that it is late and she is tired, so I should be going to bed or holding her so she can sleep while I watch tv. She loves all my DVRed greats.

She's determined that she is above Curtis in our pack. What's that? Curtis' bedroom door is open. I, TW, should poop on his floor. The door is closed; ah, no problem, I will poop in front of it. Never once in Chris' room. Just Curtis'.

We did have to have a fight, last night, when she thought it would be okay to suddenly start peeing on the bed, when it was time for bed. Note: Yelling at babies to stop peeing only makes them run, while they continue to pee. Very sorry for that after 15 minutes in the bathroom.

Then there are the teeth that must be made of razors. Nip. Nip. Nip. CHOMP!

Uh oh. I am getting that look that it is time for pups to sleep.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am a good person. Damn it!

It's spring, so that means it is a time of renewal and rebirth. It is time for the changes to begin. There are many things on my list that I will not be doing in the future and things I won't let go by. So this Spring I am going to let go and get moving. There seems to be a thought pattern out there that things never change. Sure some don't, but obviously there are things that are not going so easily and smoothly, cuz of this. It's time to kill some old behaviors and get some new ones. Anyways, I am off into the wild blue yonder.