Monday, January 30, 2012

Why oh why?

Why oh why do people expect me to go above and beyond for them? Do they just expect it of me, cuz I give of myself easily? Do they expect this of everyone else? Do they assume I will do it for them? Do they appreciate what I do for them? Most of the time, I don't even think of it, but just do some things cuz they need to be done and they asked for my help. It is something that someone needs done, help with or would just plain be a good thing to do for them. Nice, helpful, loving. The problem is that although I give without thinking, when I do ask for a simple helpful hand/favor, my thoughtfullness is rewarded with lame excuses and outright lies. I give without questioning. I assume, if you ask, it is because you need me. I truly think that it is expected of me, but not of themselves. More and more I see people do this to me. I am not a person who asks often or even really expects anything in return for being good to my friends, but the responses recently are more than annoying. It has become downright insulting. The simplest things are met with insulting responses. The medium things are rewarded with an outright ridiculous answer. Good thing I haven't needed anything remotely large. Someone might fake their own effing death to get out of it. That's my annoyance of the week. Month. Year.