Monday, March 22, 2010


My nephew, Jimmy, speaks his own language, which I call Jim-enese. He's 3 and no one understands him besides a select few of us. Me, his mom, and Grandma. He's speech is so bad that my sister hopes they put him in speech therapy once he gets in school. He also speaks incredibly fast and REALLY REALLY loud. Well, the other day, his big sister said that she was in the gym. This confused the crap out of Jimmy. He then went on a 3 year old question binge with my sister about...what is a gym? what do you do there? what games? what is dodgeball? Once my sister has explained how one plays dodgeball, Jimmy looks at her in all seriousness and says "I don't EVER want to play dodgeball." Now if you could hear how he says these things you would die laughing. Plus if you have ever seen a serious 3 year old face, you would be in heaven with the giggles. I of course had to question him on his lack of love for the game of dodgeball. He thought I was NUTS! :)

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