Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cheese to my macaroni

So yesterday was my 33rd birthday. Like usual this brought about much reflection and fun. And unfortunately too much drama like too often as of late. Decided today that I needed to lay around on the couch and watch Juno, since I have been thinking a lot about having a macaroni for my cheese. I went on a date on Thursday evening, and it was okay. Not my counterpart and that sucks. I've been lonely without anyone lately, and I wish that I could find my other half.

We went Downtown after dinner at the Rail Station, and we had a pretty good time. It was all good until it was time to leave and then the misunderstandings. Unfortunately, that created drama and it makes me sad to know that I probably alienated myself even more so than usual. I did the ugly cry and probably said things that came out completely wrong. It seemed okay this morning, but I feel like an idiot.

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