Friday, January 8, 2010

This weather must be getting to me

It's sad, but it is January, and I am already tired of the cold. We've had a cold spell where it has been hovering around zero (without the wind chill) for way too long for my liking. I am actually excited that it might reach 30 in the next few days. How sad is that?

What's sadder is that being trapped in the house, hunkered down in down blankets is getting to me. I feel very little ambition and am getting kinda sad about that whole thing. Taking things to heart and not thinking about them rationally. Some things I know where meant as a slight, but following items probably were not. Lame. I was sick from Christmas until now, and I don't think this is helping too much.

I have spent a little time in the gym, which is helping, but I want to get outside. Phew. Back to work.

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