Monday, January 11, 2010

Why should I train you to do the job of coworkers that are being laid off

and probably my job too. Okay, today they sent me the questions from the technical writer who is making instructions for the new people who will be taking the jobs of 5 of my coworkers away to another office. First, I have already written these instructions and trained a bunch of people with how to do everything from changing the Mr to Ms to adjusting their taxes. Secondly, if they would have thought ahead, they would have had the supervisors of these folks come out and learn from us(me-I am the trainer) on how to train their new employees. Or send me out there. Also, if you are going to hire a technical writer to produce and instruction book, don't you think you should maybe hire someone who has used the system before? Just some thoughts I had, when I began going into his questions, which he had so kindly put into his actual instructions so that I could answer them in the instructions. Then I started getting into the instructions this douchebag was hired to write...oh wait he hasn't WRITTEN anything. He has taken MY instructions, shrunk down the screen prints and changed nothing but words like "locate" to "choose." Oh and changed the sizing on my arrows and font. Wow. Just wow. How much are they paying this guy? I mean this is word for word my instructions. They only thing he really added was "why should they use the pay period beginning?"

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